Debunking the Chemtrail Debunkers – Follow The Money


Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Agents of Deception

Mick West and David Keith Debunked Conspiracy Team Mick and David:  Silent Partners

  • Mick West claims to be a mere “hobbyist”, on a hobbyist mission to “debunk” what is now widely accepted is deliberate and covert aerosol spraying by jet aircraft into the troposphere at flight levels above 28,000 feet.  Mick’s talent lies in image manipulation using photoshop to deliberately falsify visual data when the need arises. Mick’s weakness lies in his inability to provide believable data to support his outrageous photoshop tricks.

In real life, Mick West ( was co-founder of Neversoft Entertainment and in the game industry since about 1991 and worked as a technical consultant as of circa 2008.

Mick’s article on Practical Fluid Dynamics as applied to realistic video game media suggests West is interested in creating a “chemtrail” that cannot be easily distinguished from a “contrail”.

“Fluid effects such as rising smoke and turbulent water flow are everywhere in…

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