ICE AGE COMETH? North Pole Frozen Solid – South Pole Re-Freezing

recent pictures from the poles confirm sea ice is growing

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Comment:  Clandestine efforts to control and warm the climate with aerosol geoengineering are probably failing to overcome the inconvenient truth of a powerful mini ice-age.  This could explain the increase of carbon-black aerosol dumps in daylight hours as a desperate attempt to provide credibility to the failed IPCC, climate warming model predictions.

Dutch Since – 2/28/2015:

So much for “global warming”, and so much for the “melted” North Pole, and “melted” South Pole.

Clearly, the North Pole is at 100% ice pack from Canada to Russia. Ice reaching as far south as Nova Scotia .. reaching out into the Atlantic fully surrounding Svalbard, almost reaching ICELAND!!!

The icepack can be seen growing BEYOND the arctic circle at this point, reaching out into the North Atlantic.

Meanwhile, we have new reports coming in on the East coast of the United States that “strange frozen waves” of slush water are…

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