1959 Walt Disney Film Promotes Military Weather Weapons

billed as ” Science Factual” all of the techniques suggested are proven technology today…. would our governments secretly work on weather control? Many thanks to Harold for this article

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Kennedy JFK the Weather Modification Chemtrails Header

‘Eyes in Outer Space” 

Walt Disney Film Promotes Military Satellites and Weather Control

The 1959  Walt Disney production of “Eyes in Outer Space” was part of a series of short films, including “Man In Space,” “Man And The Moon,” “Mars And Beyond,” and “Our Friend The Atom,” exploring the world of the future. [ See Amazon ]

Produced in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense, the film uses music and animation to speculate on the use of space satellite technology, along with a coordinated defense network, as a means to modify weather.

Buoyed by an optimistic and fantastical belief in the possibilities of Rumsfeld Military Chemtrails Tankertechnology and space travel, the notion that we might be able to literally wage war on natural threats appeared both feasible and desirable. To emphasize this point, the film opens with a menacing sequence of natural disasters – from floods and hurricanes to tornadoes…

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