The science behind the floods (and it has nothing to do with “global warming”).

There is a BIG agenda playing out….

A Conspiracy So Monstrous

flood 1

flood 2

It is widely recognised that the late Dr. Bernard Eastlund was the man who authored the HAARP patents. What is less well known is that, just before his death in 2007, Eastlund had also authored US Patent 20070238252, entitled “Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere”.

Included below is an abstract from the patent. In light of the extreme weather that is afflicting the citizens of the UK now – all of which is related to the apparently “bizarre behaviour” of the Polar Jetstream – I think this will make very interesting reading indeed.

Oh, one more thing. The HAARP facility in Alaska is not, contrary to official reports, closed down. Rather, as I have asserted on this blog on many occasions, it is now being “tested” exclusively by DARPA; in other words, the last vestige of civilian control has been relinquished to the DOD and…

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